About Us

  " Ocean For Water Treatment and Swimming Pool Co." was established since 1992 under the name of "Abu Ramadan Trading Establishment" , at 1999 this establishment was re-organized under the name of "Ocean For Water Treatment & Swimming Pools Co.".

Our company is a leader in this business and industry du to it's size, it's achievements, it's market share in the Jordanian local market and it's expansion in the markets of the other countries around Jordan such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.

"Ocean is an exclusive agent and distribution for the most reliable global manufacturers from different countries such as Australia, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Greece, Taiwan, China, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Our business range divided to the following two major fields:

First Field: Water Treatment for different applications such as residential, commercials, industrial, and agriculture, this filed include a wide range of systems, equipments, chemicals and services.

 Second Field: Swimming Pools for private and public, this field incude all the systems, equipment, accessories, chemicals and services for swimming pools.

Ocean Water Treatment and Swimming Pool

New English School Street - Khelda    Amman-Jordan   Telephone: + 962 6 552 7585   FAX: + 962 6 554 1506    E-mail: ocean@ocean-jo.com